We Day 2015 by Rebecca Goulding & Ella Smith

posted Nov 13, 2015, 9:23 AM by steve.mcgarrity@ocsb.ca

    Sixteen thousand inspired children, one important day, and two determined brothers behind it all. We Day is a day when many youth gather together to listen to inspirational speeches that encourage them to change the world. This meaningful event  began with Marc and Craig Kielburger, and their speech about how We Day started. Craig was just twelve when he came across an article in the newspaper. It was about a boy in Pakistan who was his age and was murdered for standing up to child slavery. Craig was inspired to make a difference in the world, so he and his brother Marc, created We Day.

    This year, on November 10th, many celebrities and guest speakers came to We Day to speak in front of thousands of inspired youth to teach them about helping people who deserve a chance of freedom, health, and education

    Next on the stage was Spencer West. At the age of five, his legs were amputated because of a disease. He was told that he would not be able to do many things. That didn’t stop him. Later on, he was able to drive a car just like any average adult. He even managed to climb a large mountain that people with legs could barely climb.

    Similar to Spencer, Rick Hansen’s legs did not work, but he taught us that most of the reason we can’t do things if we have a disability is our attitude. We have to believe in ourselves and that we will achieve our goals. Rick decided he would push his wheelchair all around the world to raise awareness for the cause. In total, he went across thirty four countries travelling over forty thousand kilometers. It took him nearly two years, but he never gave up.

    Actor, Henry Winkler also known as Fonzie from Happy Days joined us at We Day to talk about everyone's special gift inside them. “You are not defined by your challenges, you are defined by your special gift, the greatness that is locked inside you,” said Henry Winkler.

    We also had a Kenyan boys choir come to sing and dance with JRDN. They were fantastic. Many singers and bands came for entertainment including Francesco Yates and Shawn Hook, young artists on the rise. For the finale, Simple Plan sang and pumped up the crowd.