posted Nov 5, 2015, 4:22 PM by steve.mcgarrity@ocsb.ca
The weather  was absolutely perfect for our Walkathon event- temp in the high teens, full sun- and our school was ready to enjoy some fun, some games, some exercise and some school spirit. Our Walkathon Ladies organized a great spirit assembly including  a special appearance by the SJ Teacher Dance Team. When the action moved outside, there was the walking crowd moving around the school with a few students choosing instead to run ...almost nonstop... And there were all of the activity centers run by our parent volunteers. The 100m dash station was really popular!  We were even able to squeeze in another school picture...thanks to Mr LeBlanc. 

Vibrating with excitement and positive energy, the Kinders took to the Walkathon course and the activity circuit earlier in the AM. Some Kinders ran loop after loop showing their classmates what a Kinder marathon looks like. They had a blast!

Thanks to all of our organizers and volunteers for their planning and organization and for a wonderful day. We look forward to the "Closing Ceremonies" of the Walkathon on November 19th, when our Poster contest winners, our mystery box challenge and all of our class and individual prizes will be awarded.  Thanks also to our teachers who participated in the event and helped inspire some very interesting class posters. 
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Nov 5, 2015, 4:22 PM