True Colours

posted Jun 15, 2015, 5:30 PM by

Written by Mark, Antonio, Nathan and Declan

Two grade six classes read an outstanding piece of literature entitled “True Colours”. The following article is a shout out to Lucy Lemay Cellucci who inspired us in many ways.

This book gives us an insight on Zoe Sander’s perspective of her teenage life and her fight against animal cruelty. This thrilling fictional piece will leave you wanting more. Lucy Lemay Cellucci is a resident of Riverside South and is currently working on a sequel to “True Colours”.

It’s been a pleasure to read your book and it inspired us all to break into buildings. Just kidding! Your book actually inspired us to take action for something or a cause we believe in. Once again, we would like to thank Ms. Cellucci for giving us the opportunity to read her book.