SJ Teacher Honoured with Selection to Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy

posted Feb 22, 2016, 5:57 AM by

Madame Lima was selected from 1000s of applicants from across Canada to participate in the Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy held at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. The Institute is an intensive professional learning experience where educators develop strategies for teaching about Parliament, democracy, governance and citizenship; learn from political, procedural and pedagogical experts; discuss key issues in citizenship and parliamentary democracy; and, take what they learn back to their classrooms. Madame Lima will have an opportunity to meet the speakers  of the Senate and House of Commons and other parliamentarians; analyze critical issues with political, procedural and pedagogical experts;observe Question Period, parliamentary debates and committee meetings; and,celebrate excellence in teaching about Parliament, governance, democracy and citizenship.  Will there be a chance to meet the Prime Minister? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  Congratulations on the honour Madame Lima.