September School Council Elections

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School Council is an advisory body within the school that also leads a number of school community events and fundraisers. Each year the Council begins with elections of the Executive. The positions include Chair and Vice or Co-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Parish Representative, and CSPA Representative. Parent Representatives who plan to attend the majority of the meetings are also voting members of the council and need not seek a specific portfolio. We invite you to come out to the meeting whether you would like to run for a position, join Council as a parent representative, or just observe how it all works.

Election Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 in the Learning Commons at 6:30 PM.

Responsibilities: (The complete list of Roles and Responsibilities can be found in the “St Jerome Catholic School Council ByLaws” posted on the parent Resource Board in the front lobby of the school.)

Chair and Co-Chair (voting member of council who is not employed by the OCSB)

  • calls and arranges school meetings

  • chairs meetings and prepares agenda

  • facilitates the resolution of conflict

  • provides and presents school council budget intentions for the year and/ or prioritizes goal setting with Council collaboration

  • oversees a Council communication plan and ensures that there is regular communication with the school community

  • ensures that all Council members fulfill their obligations as outlined in Council Roles and Responsibilities

  • communicates with Principal on a regular basis

  • oversees participation in all committees of Council

  • ensures coordination of the annual Teacher Appreciation Event

  • actively involve parents and community in Council

  • prepares elections procedures in accordance with the Ministry of education and OCSB guidelines and policies

Secretary (voting member)

  • maintains a full and accurate account of all Council meetings and all motions passed

  • ensures that the minutes are approved and accepted through the Chair and Council

  • ensures the minutes are made available to Council members and the parent community

Treasurer (voting member)

  • takes charge of finances and financial records of Council

  • maintains a bank account for Council

  • maintains a record of all financial records

  • provides monthly reports as well as end of term financial statement

Parish Representative (voting member)

  • shall represent the Parish in all Council activities

  • assists in promoting, aligning and coordinating the liturgical celebrations and other activities of the parish, school and community as required

Catholic School Parents Association Representative (voting member)

  • shall represent CSPA in all activities of Council

  • will actively involve parents and community in the affairs of CSPA

Parent Representatives (voting members)

  • participate on any committee established by Council

  • contribute to the discussion of Council

  • solicit input from parents and bring forward concerns and suggestions

St Jerome School Council Self Nomination Forms are available through Ms Haussler at the office, and are also posted on the Parent Resource Board.