Peace Conference- An Article by Marley Prime and Jenna Heavens

posted Jun 2, 2015, 5:56 AM by

On Friday May 22, twenty students from St. Jerome had the opportunity to visit St. Paul’s High School to attend the Peace Festival. At the festival, we had the opportunity to listen to many inspirational kids our age who have made a difference in their communities. It was amazing to see how many other schools were involved in many causes and programs. Our fellow students, Andrew and Owen Coxall spoke about their impact to help out guide dogs for the blind. “I chose to support the Canadian Guide Dogs for the blind in Manotick. I love dogs but sadly, my parents do not. For my birthday I decided to help out some great dogs by raising money to buy dog crates.” Andrew spoke. Owen's project was in support of St Jerome's Nicaragua school building project.

We also had the opportunity to play games with students from other elementary schools.  We were able to build relationships with people from our school and create friendships with people from different schools that were very sweet and inviting. We played a huge game of four net soccer with ten other schools and we had a blast! We then came inside and received delicious pizza and chocolate milk. We thought that it was the best pizza ever!

After that, we made our way to the gym and made small boats out paper and got all our friends to sign it, even our wonderful teacher Mrs. Jolley who came along to the festival with us. This was a great time to bond with our fellow peers and learn more about each other. We shared lots of laughs, smiles and creativity together! We also went around in a circle and shared things about each other that we might not have known.

Then, we made our way down to the auditorium with our student volunteer from St. Paul’s that guided our school everywhere that we went so that we wouldn’t get lost!  Once we got comfortable in our seats, we got to listen to our future high school; St. Francis Xavier’s glee club perform songs such as ‘Dog Days’, ‘Glory’ and so many more! Overall, this was an incredibly fun, amazing opportunity to learn more about being a leader and building and creating friendships!

This field trip was a great experience for us to learn about different ways to make a difference in our community, our country, and/or even our world.  It only takes one person to change how we see the world.  It’s amazing to see how many children wanted and did get involved in kindness all around the world.  So many people helped everyone, everywhere in different ways.

It was so incredible to see how many children were as passionate about changing the world and promoting peace and good deeds as us. All the speakers were so amazingly talented! There were many good ideas to get involved such as knitting scarves and hats, hosting lemonade stands, baking cupcakes, and much more! We also got to see a play called 1. It was a story about how only 1 can change the world, you don’t need many people to reach your goals. It only takes one!