Luv2Groove Bringing Hip Hop Fun and Fitness to St. Jerome.

posted May 28, 2015, 10:12 AM by
With EQAO testing happening in the grade 3 and 6 classrooms, students are getting a wonderful opportunity to dance, learn new moves, and build their fitness in the hip hop dance workshops in the gym.  "It's a great way to forget about the EQAO!", said one grade 3 student who has been involved in the testing in the morning and the dance workshops in the afternoon. Christine Couture is with Luv2groove and is running the workshops during the two week window ending on June 4th.  This is Christine's second visit to St. Jerome. She was with us back in November running a smaller workshop for Ms Somer's class.  Ms Somers was so impressed with the quality of the program and Christine's dynamic presence that she organized the workshops for the entire school, K to 6. And the rest of the St Jerome teaching staff thanks her for doing that. Students love the program and no one is complaining about having to dance!